The Cross Country Connection Team


Ken moved to Laramie from New York in late summer of 1981 to open a new store. Cross Country Connection started as a winter-only operation in a shack in West Laramie.  Ken's summers were spent guiding rivers in Wyoming, Idaho, and Dinosaur National Monument in Colorado. But summers in Laramie are too good to miss. So after ten years, the store became a year-round operation, and in 1994 the shop was moved downtown and doubled in size.  It moved once more to its present location in 1997.  After 34 years it is hard to think of anything else to do, so Ken still empties the trash, skis, hikes and paddles as often as possible. 

Favorite Gear: A Thermarest 2-inch-thick pad. Now I actually sleep when I am outside. Of course a Fat Tire Amber Ale helps.



Annie Robbins

Annie is back to Laradise from a summer of riding ponies in the Wind River mountain range. 

Since she finished her masters in natural science education she will have more time to climb, backpack, hike and snowboard in any mountains that will have her. 

Her newest outdoor sport is skate skiing, and while still a novice, she has gotten better at staying upright. 

Favorite beer: Sweetgrass from Grand Teton Brewing.

Favorite gear: Patagonia R1



Rosie was rescued as a girl in trouble: pregnant for the second time. She was abandoned on the side of I-25 in Montana. She now maintains the dog-hair fluff collection on the store carpet and serves as the official store greeter. She loves kids, but please check with us before bringing your dog in to meet her.


Willow left her job at Wyoming Public Radio to thru-hike the 500-mile Colorado Trail in the summer of 2014. She now hosts a podcast called Out There, which explores big questions through intimate stories in the great outdoors.

She spends her free time cross-country skiing, mountain biking, and hiking, and she's conquering her fear of heights by learning to rock climb.

Favorite beer: Avery Beast.

Favorite gear: Fischer RCS Skate Skis.



Leah may be small but has a big rack .... of climbing gear. Born in Nebraska, she moved to Wyoming with her family in 2002. Officially, Leah just finished studying Environment & Natural Resources as well as Physical Geography at the University of Wyoming. Unofficially, she is constantly in search of her next outdoor adventure, including but not limited to climbing, mountain biking, skiing and backpacking.

Favorite Beer: Cold.

Favorite Gear: Patagonia Nano Puff Pullover.