RC Carbon Skate Boots: Like 'Unicorn Feet'

By Annie Robbins

I affectionately refer to my RC Carbon My Style skate boots as my "unicorn feet."  They have definitely given me a spring in my skate.  These boots have a solid construction and really support my weak ankles. Because of the stiffness, I don't get as sore on my longer outings. Maybe they really do have a little magic in them. 

Another great feature is the many different ways to adjust them.  There are laces to tighten the liner, a ratchet strap over the ankle, and a velcro strap to adjust the tightness of the cuff.  I don't have to crank down on one strap hoping it will keep my whole foot in place. 

Be warned though, these boot are designed for performance.  They are great for those who are focused on training, not necessarily for those wanting to be out for an all-day adventure.  Overall, they are solid boots that give me great ankle support and make me feel like rainbows are trailing behind me.